What's the deal with the green slime?

A: The green slime falling when a character says "I don't know" was a gag from an old Canadian kids show called "You Can't Do That On Television!" which was the inspiration for this comic. The green slime was then popularized by Nickelodeon, the cable network which distributed the show on cable. This comic focuses on the anticipation that builds waiting to see just how and who is going to make the error in speaking the dreaded phrase.

What about the use of the "pie in the face" gag?

A: Well, in response to the complaints of the cast (and to provide more options to the writers), the use of the "pie in the face" gag has been used as an alternative (or precursor usually) to the green slime joke. There isn't any warning or reason for the pies being thrown other than pure timing and whim. It fits in with the slapstick element of the comic and stands out as a source of random embarrassment.

What platform do you use to create the comics?

A: I am pretty much a Mac zealot. All the comics were originally drawn, rendered, composed, and delivered using a Mac Mini - I have since upgraded to a 24" iMac.

How about learning to draw, dude?

A: Sorry, there is very limited natural illustration talent here, and there isn't much time to spend learning the art. The cheap hack method of copying and pasting from templates allows the comic to be created very quickly. It also allows more time to be spent on the scripting of the sketches. Perhaps the artwork itself will improve over time, but don't count on it. Chances are if you see something that looks good, you'll be subjected to it in various resolutions with only the background changing.

Is there a plan for YSDTIC 3.0 in the works?

A: Not yet. There are too many ways in which the comic could be taken to the next level. It will eventually happen, but for now, I'll just keep things at the current level (sub-par describes it pretty well, don't ya think?).

How many people are actually responsible for this comic and why don't we know more about them?

A: There is just one person in charge of this web site and comic... and the producers whom I've never met but seem like really nice folks (for imaginary people, that is). Oh yes, there are also the writers and artists who are currently living in a commune on Saturn. Look, the less you know the better, take my word for it.

These characters aren't real, but you sometimes act like they are. Are you emotionally disturbed?

A: I am not emotionally disturbed, just drunk. I won't remember any of this when I wake up tomorrow morning.

I see no banner ads, merchandise, Google links, or donation buttons. How do you expect to make money with this?

A: Dude! Don't encourage me!

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