Volume 9 Cover

It's done!  Volume 9 is ready for publishing, and I've got the cover on the home page now.

Time for some details about the update schedule.  I've decided that I'll be posting three comic pages a week.  I'm going to try to stick to the M-W-F routine starting this Monday.  If you subscribe to the RSS feed, you'll get a notice about each posted comic, and I'll have the latest comic on the home page of the site.

I'm pretty sure that I've got all the archives up, but if you stumble across something that doesn't look right, just let me know in a comment to one of these postings.  You might want to check the special editions galleries as well if you are a long time reader.  I've posted a bunch of early test comics there.  If you think my current style is primitive, just wait until you see some of these pictures.  You'll wonder why I ever was able to keep trying.

So I hope everyone is as excited as I am about this new project getting out the front door.  I know that it's been a long time coming, but the patience has been rewarded.  Megan and the whole crew are ready with 40+ more pages of drippy jokes.


Tweaking the styles

I've been flexing my CSS chops very lightly a bit. You might notice a few things on the page looking just a little bit spiffier than they did over the last couple days. I've also added the RSS feed for this news page for those of you that know how cool RSS is. (psst... use Google Reader!)

I have also been working on finishing up the assets for Volume 9 though. Don't worry. If all goes well, I might even be able to begin posting them next week. We'll see how busy I get during this weekend. I might actually be able to marathon through it and get myself posting on a schedule.

I believe I will be looking at a three updates a week schedule though. M-W-F seems the most likely. That would give me plenty of time during Volume 9 to really get Volume 10 together. I'm going to plan on not doing much in terms of an upgrade to the artwork for that volume so that I can more easily get back into the rhythm of content development.

Don't hold me to that yet - it is still only tentative, but I feel confident enough to at least say that much.

That's all for now!


Update on updates

So I've been plugging along on a few of the various tasks involved in getting this site back up and running. You've maybe noticed that the design isn't really too inspired. It's a pretty simple template, and I'll be tweaking it over the next week or so. Don't be surprised if it looks radically different every couple of days.

The pages of the next volume are continuing to roll through, and I'm sure that I'll have it completely ready within the next couple of weeks. It's just a matter of deciding what the update schedule will be and how I'm going to be posting them up here.

I've seen that a few people have already found the site and poked around a bit. I haven't officially announced it anywhere yet, but I might do that sometime before the weekend just because I am actually a bit excited about it.

In case there are some lingering questions about what I'll be posting, here are some of the answers:

Is Volume 5 of the 2.0 version of the comic coming?

Sorry, no plans at this time. The 2.0 version of the comic is very time intensive, and that is, unfortunately a bit difficult to commit to right now.

Will the artwork be upgraded in Volume 9 of the Classic version of the comic?

Honestly, I can't actually remember if I did any significant upgrades to the art assets. I think I might have. I'll have to double-check...

How about an animated version?

That would be even more work than the next 2.0 version of the comic. So, don't get your hopes up too much. Maybe an animated GIF could potentially be in the works... but that's about as much as I'm willing to venture.


YSDTIC Returns

It's been a long time.

How have you been?

I've been really busy not updating the web-comic that I said I was working on. Fortunately, I've been able to find some time in my schedule that had been allocated to pure-goofing off, and I'm going to be spending it goofing off in a slightly different manner - one that involves actually updating this website on a regular basis.

Do you really want to read a bunch of silly reasons/excuses why YSDTIC suddenly went silent and then completely vanished from the web?

I didn't think so. I don't feel like typing them out either. Here's what I do want to type out: I actually have Volume 9 of the classic version of the comic almost completely done. In fact, the artwork is pretty much finished, it is just the dialogue and formatting that needs to be completed, and that isn't really too difficult.

This means that there is a lot of new content for me to start posting very soon. However, before I get to it, I need to get this site back into shape. I've switched to a new hosting provider, and I must say that I am pretty pleased with it so far. I've managed to get a lot of the content uploaded, and now it is just a matter of stringing everything together.

You'll be noticing this site changing around and getting more polished over the next couple of weeks. I'll try to keep everyone updated on the schedule. I hope you're as excited as I am about the relaunch of YSDTIC. More details about my plans will be posted as they take shape.

If you are new to this comic, I welcome you and hope you'll stick around as I get it up and running.

If you are returning to this comic, it's great to have you visiting again. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy making it.

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